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Classes and workshops are a wonderful way to free your mind, broaden your knowledge base and develop skillfulness.

They provide a social benefit, as well, because they introduce you to like-minded people who share your interests. Best of all, they they allow you to stretch past your comfort zone and discover a whole new realm of fascination.


We offer classes designed to transmit an experience of personal connection to what you are learning. You will find that each area of study encompasses a rich field of information to explore and examine.

Below is a sample of what might interest you:

Chakra Development frees up your energy, making it more available to you. You get an influx of creativity. Life gets brighter and you feel happier. You find energy for just having fun! Strengthening your chakras develops the healer within you immensely. Two of the most popular courses are:

  • Spinning Your Chakras
  • Awakening Your Auric Field

The New Medicine of the Old Ways is excellent when you suspect you have veered off your path, have lost touch with your dreams, or simply need to break free of old restrictive patterns in your life. You learn new ways to incorporate ancient practices for reconnecting with your inner guidance and strength of character, such as:

  • Guided Journeys
  • Mother Earth and Father Sky
  • Totem Animals and Spirit Guides

I also offer Shiatsu classes. Learn more at lindyferrigno.com 

See Upcoming Classes



No matter which area of learning you want to examine, you have the option of studying privately or in a group setting. All classes combine theory with experiential practice.


I like the mood in the classroom to be relaxed and light-hearted, yet focused. I encourage participants to respect all who are present and to bring forward their eagerness to learn. I prepare and organize the material so that each segment builds on the previous one. To guarantee that my knowledge base is greater than the class material, I am a perpetual student. This allows me to make time for questions and give answers from several perspectives for clearer understanding. I also provide hand-outs for continuing to practice at home.

Wherever possible, I use specific exercises that I specially designed to create an atmosphere where you to get an actual physical sensation of the subtle energies in play. You have time during class to express and record your sensations to make sure it is easy for you to recall your experience. Time for sharing with the group also gives you the opportunity to inspire, and be inspired by, your classmates. You may find yourself deeply touched. I always am.

Winter Jade’s teaching style strongly emphasizes taking us through experiences that make concepts real and palpable, and she checks in with us on an individual level to make sure the transmission is setting in. She is very organized in her presentation and every class is packed with experiential meditations, activities, and guided practice time. She doesn’t just teach, she ensures that we learn.   
~Nathan Torrence, Certified Shiatsu Practitioner (AOBTA)