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“I just wanted to thank you again for speaking Saturday.  I received many thanks for having you speak.  It is always lovely hearing what you have to share. Every single evaluation has something about your presentation as the #1 thing they enjoyed.  We lose sight of these things working in a fast paced setting.”

Many Thanks,
Brandy Valentine Davis, M.Ac.O.M.
Naturopathic Medicine/Acupuncturist
Cancer Treatment Centers of America®

“I was not quite sure what to expect, but any skepticism I felt prior to beginning this work vanished upon completion of our first session. Grandmother Winter expertly crafted an experience to match my personality and sensibilities and needs, and to let them otherwise lead the way. The result was a series of unexpectedly and immensely powerful experiences that have begun to reshape how I view myself, my relationships, and the afflictions that I’ve been seeking treatment for. My time with Grandmother has thus been life-changing, both physically and emotionally.” 

Jed V
Charlottesville, VA

“I had nine clients just between yesterday and today. I incorporated your weekend workshop’s teachings into each session. But the last session today was most interesting. My client remarked during today’s treatment, “wow – something really shifted.” Afterwards, he said, “I think this was the best treatment I have had yet.” (He has polymyalgia, and left the office pain-free today.)
Thank you for your expertise and patience. You are a great teacher. I will keep practicing!”

Michelle Racich
Shiatsu Therapist
Sutton Bay, MI

“I have been mentoring with Grandmother Winter Jade for six months. I did not know what to expect, but knew it was something I should do because I was unsure of my skills.

Boy, what a revelation. Grandmother has a sense about her that seems to know before you do what is needed to improve your skills. That was the sense I got from her.

It became clear that I was not “feeling” the meridians. Since working with Grandmother Winter two to three times a month I feel very confident when I know I am on a meridian. It’s nice to feel confident.
I highly recommend the tutorial that Grandmother offers. It is worth every penny.”

Peggy Spiros
Zen Shiatsu Practitioner
Chicago, IL

“Simply beginning work with her seems to have amplified my sense of commitment to life. She has a real gift for seeing the heart of things and helping me stay positive and on my path. I think it is also worth noting that I have gained a lasting feeling of connection with spirit and nature, and feel more relieved from my own burdens. As if all this weren’t enough, Winter Jade has a wonderful personality. She has a great sense of humor and a very warm presence, yet at the same time is deeply committed and present in her work. I highly recommend a session with her to anyone looking to make some changes in their life, big or small, inside and out!”

Nathan Torrence
Chicago, IL

“My tutorials with Winter Jade have been amazing and mind-blowing.  She has helped me to break old habits ingrained for 15+yrs to improve my body mechanics and technique making my sessions more effortless and effective.  I’m able to connect with the receiver’s qi more efficiently and expansively with greater precision of meridian locations and angles of penetration.  I have gained greater confidence, speed and clarity in my hara diagnosis.  Grandmother’s deep intuitive sense provides spot-on feedback that I’ve been able to apply in my practice with incredible results.”

Jeanne Phenany
Practitioner and Instructor
Zen Shiatsu Chicago

“Studying with Grandmother Winter has taught me the importance of knowledge to inform intuition and to make choices that positively affect myself and everyone I encounter in my path.”

Daniela Giralt
Shiatsu Practitioner
Chicago, IL

“Studying with Winter Jade feels like a direct transmission. You just have to experience it. As a teacher, she is infinitely passionate about her work and very serious about it. When she is teaching, she brings everything to life. And I, as a student, can feel it. She doesn’t talk a lot about theory, she makes everything very practical and experiential. Winter Jade speaks to everyone’s highest potential and inspires the most of the student to come out. Sometimes that can be intimidating because many of us are afraid to be the best we can be. She sincerely wants to give all she has to help you become a healer.”

Gordana Markovic