SPIRITUAL CLEARING AND BLESSING – Part 1 Clearing Negative Energy From Home Or Business

Banishing and Blessing are like two sides of the same coin

A Clearing and Blessing Ceremony has two parts – like two sides of a coin. Clearing releases negative energy and sends it back to its source. The Blessing calls in positive energy in the form of prayers, wishes and intentions.

The Clearing expels any negative energy that’s left over in the atmosphere and sends it back to its source. People may feel a heaviness or bad feeling in the whole house or just in certain rooms.

The Blessing calls in positive energy and infuses the atmosphere with support for their individual needs, hopes and dreams of the individuals who live or work in the building. The Blessing includes individualized prayers for the occupants of the building.

Together, these two have the mutual goal of cleansing and refreshing a space, bringing it to a state of peace and harmony, and calling in abundance and good fortune on all levels.


What Is Meant By “Negative” and “Positive” Energies?

no negativity“Negative energy” means any old or stagnant energy from memories or strong emotions that have gotten stuck and linger in the air, walls or furniture. For instance, there may be unresolved anger or sadness from arguments, illnesses, a death, divorce, or child leaving home, etc.  Or something traumatic may have happened, like a fire or domestic violence. A business may have suffered a bankruptcy or a break-in and robbery. Competition may have led to serious betrayal and unresolved anger and resentment that still fills the offices.


positive energyIn contrast, “Positive Energy” means all the usual blessings, like happiness, peace and harmony, good health, long life, safety, protection, etc. For instance, someone who is working toward a diploma, certificate or degree may want a place in the house that affords a conducive atmosphere for studying. A mother who has become an empty-nester may want to re-discover her identity or, perhaps, start a home-based business. In the case of a business, it may want to attract more customers, add products and services, or become successful online.

All these things are addressed in the Ceremony. But, before all that comes the Walk-Through.


First comes the Walk-Through

spiritual clearing of the whole houseThe Walk-Through is the initial assessment of what needs to be done. I put myself into a meditative state and walk through each room, receptive to feelings, impressions and messages. I look for what is light and good and should stay, and also for what is heavy, dirty, stagnant, etc. and must go.

I take notes and take them home to meditate and pray on. Depending on the fruits of that labor, I will contact the person who petitioned the Blessing to let them know what steps to take to ensure and enhance the Blessing. For instance, certain items may have to be moved, a wall may need a picture, a corner may need to be filled, etc.

Then we set a date for the Clearing and Blessing. These may be scheduled as one event, or separate dates may be preferable for any number of reasons.


Next comes the Clearing

smudgingNext, comes the Clearing, which is not simply de-cluttering or feng shui. However, some suggestions along those lines may be recommended. But the main purpose of the Clearing, is to get rid of any old, stagnant or negative energies that have accumulated over time in your home or business. These energies can result from any number of causes. Negative emotions or states of mind, such as depression, anger, fear, etc. would be a very common cause. The negativity may not be from the current occupants, but lingering from a previous family or chain of employees.

Sometimes a person who lived or worked in that place has died (either before or during the period of your time there), but a piece of their soul remains. They left it either unknowingly or because they loved their life there and are having trouble moving on. Their energy can put a drag on the other people in the environment. It can be released in love and freed from its confinement.

Or, in some cases, something terrible may have happened in the space. There may have been physical, emotional or sexual abuse, bullying, betrayal or some other sort of traumatic event.

However, generally speaking, the typical causes in most homes and offices are the inevitable build-up of the stresses. For instance, frustrations, arguments, illnesses, financial worries, etc. are typical.


THEN comes the Blessing

spiritual blessingIn the third part, the Blessing, I summon the powers of healing, protection, and strength. The purpose of the Blessing is to call in all the positive energies desired by the person requesting the Blessing. They can be as unique as the individual. However, we humans have a lot of the same needs and desires. Most people wish for a peaceful atmosphere, safety, compatibility, good humor, abundance and the like. Some people want a quiet retreat-like atmosphere; others ask for an inviting feeling for friends to share and enjoy. The prayers can vary. I encourage people to include personal appeals, as well as collective ones.  


When should I seek a Clearing & Blessing Ceremony for my home?

A really good time to seek out a Clearing is before you move into a new house or apartment. That is one of the most common times for people to request a Clearing and Blessing. They want a fresh start and don’t want to be encumbered by anyone else’s energy – either good or bad.

clearing & cleansing

After that, it’s also a good idea to renew your environment every 5-7 years. The reason why is because – let’s face it – stuff gets stuck. Not only that, but you change. You may well need a different Blessing Ceremony for your changing goals, needs and circumstances.


What if I want a Clearing and Blessing Ceremony for a business instead of a home?

There are some different considerations for an office or business, depending on the nature of the business.

If you have just gotten a new job, or are moving into a new office for any reason (like a promotion), the Ceremony would be much like a House Blessing. You would want to clear out any negative emotional residue hanging around from the previous employee’s disagreements with bosses or co-workers, from resentments (for instance, if the person who inhabited the office before you was fired) or from betrayals of confidence, etc. You would want blessings for a clear space, free of disruption from others (or from your own wandering mind ?). You would want blessings to help you be productive and contribute to the business and your career. And you would want blessings for each of your goals. If you stay there 5-7 years, you would want to repeat the process.

classrooms need clearing and blessing yearlyHowever, if you are in a profession where you are dealing with patients or clients on a one-to-one basis, or in groups (classes, group therapy, etc.), things are very different. In that case, you would want to have a Ceremony more often, simply because more people equals more energy build-up.

waiting rooms & treatment rooms need clearing regularlyIf you work or have a practice in a place that sees many people on a daily basis, like a clinic or school, you would want to Clear and Bless the whole building at least once, or maybe twice a year, depending on the amount of traffic and severity of trauma in the individuals who patronize the business. Doctors and health practitioners of all kinds fall into this category, as do therapists, lawyers and others.


Part 2 coming in the next newsletter at Spring Equinox

In Part 2 of this blog, I will explain what a Clearing and Blessing Ceremony is like and describe the parts of the ritual. I’ll tell you what my part involves as the officiant, and offer suggestions about parts you may wish to contribute as the petitioner.